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ogris (infected grenade launcher thing, works pretty well with Vauban's vortex), the rocket launcher (I forget the name). Rhino is too fun, Loki I keep for sentimental reasons, and Frost Prime is Frost Prime! To fit in with the Christmas theme, you will be able to access the Big Chill Grenade launcher exotic weapon in Fortnite. UNIQUE . Popular KUVA TONKOR Mods. So far I’ve quite a bit of empty weapon slots still, but I’ll need to be getting a new Warframe slot soon. New Build. Its all depending on what you want. In addition, you’ll also get an elemental bonus depending on the Lich you had to defeat for the weapon. This grenade launcher used to be the go-to primary weapon and for a lot of people the strongest choice in killing big groups of mobs. Tonkor (Grenade Launcher) Hurl mayhem and destruction with this Grineer grenade launcher. Warframe. Torid Build 2018 (Guide) - The Infested Grenade Launcher (Warframe Gameplay) When you see that a weapon is low mastery requirement you might be tempted to think that it's also weak. Carrier also has the highest effective health, due to its primary stat being in health, with high armor. ARCHGUN ARCHMELEE MELEE PISTOL PRIMARY SENTINEL WEAPON . UNIQUE. ASSAULT RIFLE BOW KITGUN SHOTGUN SNIPER . The Ogris is the Chem Lab rocket launcher; the Torid is the Bio Lab grenade launcher. XD Corrupted Enemies are braindead! I did it with a hildryn and a grenade launcher and it still gave me the challenge completed at the end. If the thought of an automatic grenade launcher doesn’t make you excited, you probably shouldn’t be playing Warframe. 10. Kuva Tonkor. WARFRAME WEAPON . It's only really good for defense, mobile defense, interception, etc. PRIMARY. Sadly, a few big changes happened (namely self damage and the fact that grenades need to travel six meters before they are armed/can explode) and now the Tonkor isn’t a great choice a your preferred weapon anymore. ASSAULT RIFLE. KUVA TONKOR. The weapon launches … That's a fair assumption but many weapons in Warframe … Starting off our list is Tonkor, a Grineer-made grenade launcher. On open world maps you need to close the distance to your targets, on indoor maps it doesn't work in most rooms. Helios and Carrier are popular, as described in the other answer. Check price General Assault Rifle Warframe And Grenade Launcher Assault Rifle Ebo Tonkor deals huge amounts of damage with each shot, and the grenades also cause their own puncture damage from coming in … This weapon is explosively effective, with high damage and critical stats, as well as a decent status chance to boot. Anyway, @ TC: For Infested I take either a Hek or Sobek, Kunai, and either my Schindo or Orthos. It is like a rifle/shotgun and grenade launcher in one Corinth's alt fire is extremely impractical to use because the target must not be too far away or too close. I'm not sure if this grenade launcher weapon is great or horrible. That explains why it was so effortless! TONKOR. KUVA TONKOR. This Lich-variant grenade launcher hurls mayhem and destruction with an increased Reload Speed.

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