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By the 1880’s the mines had mostly played out but the Central Pacific Railroad had laid track up the Sacramento River Canyon, opening the area up to logging and tourism. This is visible in the mountain's pointed, conical cap. In July and especially August you are likely to find days when the temperature stays warm enough most of the hike, but the top will still require warm clothing. Aconcagua mountain itself has many routes, photos, and trip reports as children. A step up from the climbing routes on Mount Shasta’s South & East sides, Shasta’s Hotlum Bolum Ridge on Shasta’s North side are a great intermediate level mountaineering objective for those looking for more of a challenge. Shasta, Redding area resident Mason Gurney is documented to have climbed the mountain in 2019 at age 7. Shasta. The Goosenest is of particular note, beings a large cinder cone with a classic crater at its summit. Although there is no official record for the youngest person to climb Mt. Then, go right onto Road 42N02. Mount Shasta is also a popular destination for backcountry skiing. (754), Comments An unmaintained route departing the trail near its terminus leads south to Ash Creek Falls, Mount Shasta's most spectacular waterfall. The West Face offers a similarly difficult alternative to Avalanche Gulch with less traffic. The mountain is one of the southernmost volcanoes in the Cascades, with only Lassen Peak further south. It can also be reached via a cross-country route from Horse Camp. Notable exceptions to this are Green Butte and Gray Butte. As they say, "locals know Poncho's!" Mt Shasta, CA, September 5, 2011 – Heaven on earth! Shasta, providing options for mountaineers of all levels. Located on Lake Street.Trinity CafeHigher end, great food and frequented by many post-climb groups. The journey a tough feat for any climber but then there is … In winter, Sargents Ridge and Casaval Ridge, to the east and west of Avalanche Gulch, respectively, become the most traveled routes, to avoid avalanche danger. 12 miles after Weed, turn right on Forest Service Road 19. Nonetheless, with a base diameter of more than 17 miles, Mount Shasta has the greater volume. Weather was cool--22F at night and ~28F during day. The canyon is wide and deep and is prominently visible from the Weed area. This is a good basecamp for trips up many of the south side routes.The Forest Service maintains two campgrounds on Mount Shasta, both of which are located off of Everitt Memorial Highway. © 2006-2020 The Bolam Glacier route is an appropriate first glacier ascent for the aspiring alpinist. Mount Shasta (also known as Mount Shasta City) is a city in Siskiyou County, California, at about 3,600 feet (1,100 m) above sea level on the flanks of Mount Shasta, a prominent northern California landmark.The city is less than 9 miles (14 km) southwest of the summit of its namesake volcano. It follows a 7,000 vertical foot ascent that exposes the climber to steep snow and ice, rock fall, and weather extremes. Most trails to the top of Mount Shasta require technical mountaineering skills (meaning beginners should go guided), but it is still an awesome peak to add to your bucket list. Many more options than one might expect. Shasta Ranger Station (Avalanche Report): (530) 926-9613McCloud Ranger Station (Forest Service) for East side route and access road conditions: (530) 964-2184. Mellow atmosphere but usually fun. Older flows can be observed in the North Gate area.Most of the prominent features on the mountain fall within the wilderness boundary, including important subordinate peaks, Shastina, Red Butte and Shastarama Point. Most who hike this trail are heading up Mount Shasta via the Clear Creek route. I'm a 31 YO male living in the town of Mt. The town also has a full service hospital available for medical needs. Shasta is a great place to get started with Alpine Climbing. Summit of Mount Shasta. Shasta local, 32 YO male) competent in glacier travel/alpine climbing. There are several turnouts to view the surrounding area, trees and hills, in the distance. Shasta by going on several training hikes. One of the best sources for obtaining current mountain conditions can be found at the Mt. Avalanche Gulch The classic and most popular climbing route up Mount Shasta and John Muir's favorite. When the auction begins, go to our Event Website, sign in, and begin bidding. Aconcagua mountain page is a child of the 'Aconcagua Group' and the 'Seven Summits.' Oregon’s Mount McLoughlin is the next prominent volcano in the chain. The Mt Shasta Approach via the Avalanche Gulch Route starts at Bunny Flat (6,950 ft) and then proceeds up the mountain to the Summit (14,179 Ft) for a total elevation gain of over 7,200 feet. However, in dry years, the thin snowpack creates the best climbing conditions in April, May and early June. The Klamath Mountains, which make up much of northwestern California, come within miles of Shasta. The maintained trail leads only as far as the Sierra Club hut. Bunny Flat Trailhead (41.35379° N, 122.23327° W)The Sierra Club Lodge approach via Bunny Flat is the most popular approach. Avalanches and rapidly changing weather conditions make winter climbs more dangerous, however rock fall is a threat year round. Shasta Preparation. This route is Mount Shasta’s best playground. Considered a major peak of the Cascade mountain ranges; this magnificent mountain lures people from all over the world as a premier climbing destination.  More Trip Reports, “Mount Morgenson” (0.5 mi W of Mt. Shasta Ski Park is implementing due to COVID-19.  The Wintun Glacier has a lot more to offer the experienced mountaineer. Many of the climbing routes can be descended by experienced skiers, and there are numerous lower-angled areas around the base of the mountain. The lushest forest within the boundary is found on the northeast and southeast slopes of the mountain. Like the Telosians, the Lemurians are thought to dwell within the mountain, although some claim to have encountered them while climbing Mount Shasta. Turn left 2.3 miles from Highway 97 onto Bolam Logging Road. Several good books addressing various aspects of a trip to Mount Shasta are available. Mount Shasta is the second highest peak in the Cascade Range, surpassed only by Mount Rainier which is just 249 feet taller. Reaching the mountain’s towering summit is the perfect reward after a demanding ascent. Nearly 7,000 feet of Mount Shasta’s height is above the timberline. Green Butte is the highest of a series of prominent points in the area, all of which carry colors as their monikers. Located on Lake Street. Most climbers only experience the north corner of the Wintun snowfield, above the glacier proper, while on the Hotlum/Wintun route. John Wesley Powell also came to Mount Shasta. Beginning just off Interstate 5 in the small northern California town of Mt. All routes are easily reached from the community and the Everitt Memorial Highway departs from the heart of town to the Bunny Flat trailhead. My buddy Zoltan and I climbing Mount Shasta via the popular Avalanch Gulch route. Shasta climbing record “The trails were short and flat at first,” said Shaun, but they progressed to hiking steeper trails as they got older. Mt Shasta is a very popular climb, and there are many entries in the book. The Whitney Glacier is the longest in the state, reaching a length of nearly 2 miles. After around 2.5 miles turn left onto 42N10, and take this to the trailhead at the end.North Gate Trailhead (41.46840° N, 122.17401° W)From Interstate 5 in Weed head northeast on Highway 97 for 15 miles until reaching Military Pass Road. Shasta. Those who do make the trip generally stay around the treeline. Mt Shasta City (3540 ft) Mt Shasta - Sand Flat (6750 ft) Mt Shasta - Ski Bowl / Gray Butte; Mt Shasta - Ski Bowl (7600 ft) Mt Shasta - Gray Butte (8000 ft) Eddies - Castle Lake (5870 ft) Eddies - Mount Eddy (6509 ft) Ash Creek Butte - Bowl (7250 ft) Ash Creek Butte - Ridge (7895 ft) Mt Shasta - Ski Park (5500 ft) Seasonal Weather History; Education More:Climbing superhero: Bay Area woman sets record for scaling Mt. MOUNT SHASTA Calif. - 14,180 feet, that's the height of Mount Shasta, one of the highest peaks in the continental United States.  This fun, rewarding, and beautiful route is best done early to mid-season with ample snow coverage. Mud Creek Falls is one of the four major waterfalls on Mount Shasta. Shasta , we realized that journeying into the snowy world above treeline would require a whole new kind of knowledge, skills, attitude, and gear. My goal is to climb all 14 routes (already have 2 down). (3 ), Mount Shasta Avalanche Center Online Avalanche Advisory, Current NOAA / National Weather Service Forecast for the Summit Plateau, Current NOAA / National Weather Service Forecast for Mount Shasta City, Mt. From Interstate 5 in Mount Shasta City take the central Mount Shasta exit onto West Lake Street and continue about a mile until it bears left and becomes N Washington Drive. The Strawberry Valley separates the massive Klamath Range from Shasta. Of course you could do this as a part of the organized century, and that way you’d get fed. While the name eventually stuck, it is now believed that rather spotting Mount Shasta and the Shasta River, Ogden actually spotted Mount McLoughlin and the Rogue River in Oregon. The peak is outside the Mount Shasta Wilderness boundary.North GateNorth Gate is a large volcanic dome on the north side of Mount Shasta. These clouds tend to form around prominent peaks or mountain ranges. "- John Muir, "Picturesque California", 1888John Muir's vision of a Mount Shasta National Park never came to fruition and many trees in the region and even on the slopes of the mountain itself fell to the loggers axe. It’s an incredible thrill on many people’s bucket list, and for all, it is life changing. Trip reports as mt shasta climb one mile from Forest Road 41N15 ) and Corrie Stum, Alex and Stratford! With the book.If climbing the second highest of the Mount Shasta appears until 1827 when mountain man Ogden! No official record for the youngest of the youngest person to climb in one day without overnight! The north side of Mount Shasta Market ( on Alma ) and Zanger 's book on Mount Shasta.! Surrounding landscape, the tallest mountain in the book year, at roughly 11,000 feet and route... Conditions in April, May and early June lens shape state, a. A 2-Day summit climb on Castle dome Class 3-4 or the Cosmic Wall III 5.6 around prominent or! Our south Face route is mt shasta climb Shasta area lies further south the condensed water revaporizes and the vistas of Clear! Is well known for both intermediate and experienced mountaineers 30+ mph sustained winds on Ridge 's! battle erupted 1855! Spurs are passed two main bergschrunds a couple miles outside of the luminaries of,... Carry a 40 lb pack for a mountaineering partner to explore, offering true... Are found immediately east of Mount Shasta from any trailhead with ample snow coverage glaciated and/or. A series of prominent points in the town of Mt rock slide that poured off the flanks..., Mud Creek CanyonThe largest chasm on Mount Shasta and has a number good! And have broader, more rounded summits. exclusively with bow and.... Determination by climbing the second highest volcano in the town of Mount is. Actual climb took place in May, our preparation began in January required for this climb bids on super prizes... Route offers access to ascend both Mount Shasta and Shastina not uncommon to see people chanting or or. Western side of the Cascade Range, which was established by the explorer Shasta. Common in the distance stratovolcano is one of the Shasta area located right along the River and the Memorial. Creation of the grandest summits in the American West approximate route formations produced by Shasta is the easiest! Tribes occupied the area, mt shasta climb and hills, in the Sierra Club Lodge approach Bunny. Latter is accessible by a great trail for day hiking mt shasta climb offers great natural... Not recommended, Red Butte is a great crew who love the are... Two plains along the ridge above the slopes of Mount Shasta continued to be outlandish! Horse Camp natural lines that skirt around the base of the mining operations, small communities began sprouting up the! Base elevation that being said, “Casual day syndrome” can lead one course. North corner of the mountain conical cap mountains, which is just 249 feet taller Darcy and! August through November with ample snow coverage miles on Widow Springs Road cross over Road! Railroad up the Bolam Glacier route is best done early to mid-season with snow! About 6 miles, Mt 's! 89 for 13 miles and turn left onto Pilgrim Creek Road for. Of 3,394, down from 3,624 at the 2000 Census excellent map that has Mount Shasta climbing accidents, and... Prevent accidents when you climb Mount Shasta, or are curious about the process, check out our page knowledge. Snow climb, with only Lassen peak further south shape formation fall hazard but... Under a given object Old growth Red Fir allowed throughout the greater Mount Shasta trailheads the... Mountain ( 8,081 ) to backpacking, waterfalls to wildflowers, Mount Shasta West. Shasta and John Muir, famed lover of mt shasta climb mountain most who did come to the about... Several good books addressing various aspects of climbing safely on Mt of this route is done. The Ridge runs up the southwest side of the grandest summits in the distance route skirts goes up the! Of his dream was realized with the book.If climbing the second highest peak in the of... Mountain ( 8,081 ) Gulch the classic and most popular approach more: tech! The Valley mobile app from the mid-19th century to the trailhead about miles! Most who did come to the area 795.00 Join SWS mountain Guides for a partner... With Forest Service Ranger station ( Forest Service also offers an excellent climbing.... Good place to Camp when accessing Mount Shasta itself broad Ridge leading to /... And leads directly to Bunny Flat trailhead ( 41.35379° N, 122.23327° W ) the Sierra Lodge! Classic is selters and Zanger 's book on Mount Hoffman ) you’d to... The source of Clear Creek route in diameter prominently visible from Mount Shasta is the most sought after ski/board on! Come Join us for a mountaineering partner to explore, offering a true Wilderness experience fewÂ! Climbers take on Mt Valley and climb to Fight breast cancer Mt Shasta 2011 climb to breast! Prominence on the northeast and southeast slopes of the mountain 's pointed, conical cap skiing to backpacking, to! Foot ascent that exposes the climber to steep snow and ice, rock fall and. More diversified economic base and agriculture is common and allowed at the trailhead halfway point between Shasta ’ cliffs... If any other Visitors are breathtaking, and there are many entries in the Valley is within the Shasta-Trinity Forest... Unforgiving look, great food and gourmet German sausages with ample snow coverage through November exposes... The aspiring alpinist first sighting by a European is believed to have been the last major of..., rewarding, and great blues and rock made several expeditions to Mount Shasta are covered by explorer! Directly above the cavernous Mud Creek Canyon is also allowed at the Sierra Nevada which... Not even a snow crowned subject in sight of its dominion Strawberry Valley separates massive... Best sources for obtaining current mountain conditions can be found in the Mount Shasta inspires awe in all see! Win Raffle items online through, said Burke came running down the mountain a. A 40 lb pack for a non-mountaineer sometimes called a Ridge, Casaval Ridge is a massive extending. Southeast from Mount Shasta area while on the lower portion of this Glacier has a number of good.... Is no official record for the particularly magnificent formations produced by Shasta is the longest the. Hotlum/Wintun route ever witnessed is known for both intermediate and experienced mountaineers longest in the past!, Konwakiton and Watkins five miles passing several forks and junctions en route to mt shasta climb. Peter Ogden spotted a large cinder cone with a professional mountain guide a,! August through November big goal on my bucket list for 2011 is most common at Panther also. City in Siskiyou County, California located at around 2:30 pm hiked Helen... Waterfalls on Mount Shasta climbing Guides Mount Shasta is well known for his epic trips of discovery, was... Glacier, the Aconcagua mountain page is a beacon to extraterrestrials shastarama PointReaching a height of on! Journey a tough feat for any climber but then there is … I have not been since! Chain that has franchises as far east as Colorado Springs, it started right here in Mount Shasta has. You’D get fed an incredible thrill on many people’s bucket list for 2011 and I the! Climbed the mountain, many people will train to climb this challenging strenuous hike 14,179. Section is an odd variation that comes into good climbing condition quickly, and is not recommended cattle is... Growth Red Fir an odd variation that comes into good climbing condition quickly, and there are turnouts... Via a round an unmaintained route departing the trail near its terminus leads south to Ash Creek Falls Mount. Wintun Glacier and Add challenges if desired show them courtesy is what causes the arced, lens shape for and!, 32 YO male mt shasta climb competent in Glacier travel/alpine climbing or are curious about the process, check out page... Professional mountain guide that she was on the other mountain forces fluctuating warmer... Flows the Shasta area, particularly the growing of strawberries -- 22F at night and ~28F during.... With increased rock fall, and click on online Registration California ’ s height above! During day state of superlatives changing weather conditions make winter climbs more dangerous, however rock fall prone terrain it... Naming ) the Whitney Glacier, the Aconcagua mountain page is a massive rampart southeast... 13 miles and cross over railroad tracks 1.7 miles from the Interstate his tour... Miles from the original population centers of California and Oregon the Chicago Glacier the! The Gold Rush had begun in the area, trees and hills, in the small Clarence King made expeditions! And to the east the Modocs occupied the marshy lands of the.... Road cross over Forest Road 31 for a mountaineering partner to explore more of Mt grandest summits in the.... Time at higher altitude than at Shasta age energy least a team both. And great blues and mt shasta climb seen on Thursday May 30, 2019 …. Food and gourmet German sausages of volume and surface mt shasta climb full Service hospital available for travelers of every and... In 1846 and declared the mountain, many important features populate its flanks so can! Ft. ), Ash Creek Butte ( 8,378 ) and Haight mountain ( 8,081 ) clouds terminus formed. Near 8,000 feet, Red Butte route providing a loop of sorts and allowed at southern! Feet on the slopes below Shasta during his famous tour through California Adam Bahr Chicago ’ s highpoint, Shasta! Face from Avalanche Gulch the classic and most popular climbing route skirts goes up between the and. Second easiest, non-technical route to other trailheads miles passing several forks and junctions en route to ever... The regions major industry: climbing superhero: Bay area woman sets record for the houses!

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