how to get data from drop down list in php

The second is a list … The text you place after the option tag is the text that is shown in the drop-down list options. How to Retrieve Data from a Textarea with PHP, How to Retrieve Data from a Text Box with PHP, How to Retrieve Data from a Radio Button with PHP, How to Retrieve Data from a Check box with PHP, How to Retrieve Data from an Array of Checkboxes with PHP, How to Retrieve Data from a List Box with PHP, How to Retrieve Data from a Textarea with PHP. Using for loop create a year dropdown list dynamically in your website. echo "Data Error"; exit; } ///// Getting the data from Mysql table for first list box///// $query2="SELECT DISTINCT category,cat_id FROM category order by category"; ///// End of query for first list box///// echo "

"; ///// Starting of first drop downlist ///// echo " box or any dropdown menu form the values of an array. Php Code To Populate Html Select Drop Down List With Values From MySQL Database In this Php Tutorial we will Learn Two Method On How To Populate Html Select Box With Data From MySQL Database Table In Php . For making drop down list searchable, try the method in this tutorial. Handling select box (drop-down list) in a PHP form. You need to put the PHP code in a .php file, if you are adding it on an .html file, it won't work, I believe. $Pay_options=$_POST['Pay_options']; Now, we will have to get the list of players based on selected team. Here the records we will get from the table will be used to populate the dropdown list box. The city id is the primary key. In this guide, I will be using PHP to retrieve the data and populate a SELECT element. You will see the update below. The main advantage of a drop-down list is to save space because the number of views is not limited by space. So, when user will change state at that time, dynamically change city drop down box from a database. For the form above, the PHP code used was: Topic: PHP / MySQL Prev|Next Answer: Use the PHP foreach loop. You have also seen how the data of a pull down list box is handled inside a form.Here PHP is used to collect the selection of the form for further processing. The results will go into third select list. I have a drop down menu and would like to make each of the sub-menu in the drop down menu be dynamic. The dropdown will just display the name and the user can select the name for form submission. The name attribute is needed to reference the form data after the form is submitted (if you omit the name attribute, no data from the drop-down list will be submitted).. Thanks again . By executing this query, it will return an array of states. After complete bellow example, you will find layout as bellow: I have the following code: ... ?> from the Database?

element in the list. echo 'The pay method that you have chose to use is:' .'' And you should run it on a server, either local or a web server, in our case, we're using XAMPP . $Pay_options; @user3473379 If you want to create a new drop-down list, move the closing tag from the bottom of the script to under . I appreciate your suggestion. So here is the complete step by step tutorial for How to get selected value from DropDownList in php. Can someone please help me out? . Put the following code under "var team_id" line of code of the previous section. Based on the selected country result I connect the database to fetch the states result. The